Welcome to the site!

Welcome to the site.

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21st December 2006

Wow! I can't believe how quickly time flies... It's been well over a year since my last blog entry and sooooo much has changed since then. I've moved house, sold loads of machines (as I've got rid of my storage unit), sold three cars and bought two new ones!!! I think perhaps my new years resolution should be to keep this site a bit more up-to-date!

Anyways... Currently my machines live in my home office/ study - I have left;

  • Asteroids cabaret
  • Asteroids Deluxe cabaret
  • Naomi Universal cabinet w/ Naomi 2+GDROM (currently housing Monkey Ball)
  • Neo Geo cabaret (original UK license)
  • Pac-man cabaret
  • Q*Bert
  • Star Wars
  • Toobin'

The Star Wars has been faulty since January (didn't appreciate the house move...) and I've fixed it TODAY!!! Yayyyy!!! I've also replaced the 'Big Blue' capacitor and recapped the ARII board, so hopefully it shouldn't go pop again any time soon. It's taken me a whole 11 months to source one AVG chip (137179-001) which is all that went wrong with it before. Typically enough (like buses) I actually ordered two from a guy in America and then found one on eBay UK... Still it's always nice to have spares of these hard to find items.

6th August 2005

Been a while since I've updated fully, but it's because I'm trying to move house (again!) and nearly all the machines are in storage.  I've let a couple go as well to save on space, namely the Centipede and the Missile Command cabarets - I'm not that fussed about them though, they're common enough that I'd be able to pick them up again another time after I've moved.  On a related note, seeing as I didn't sell them because I needed the cash, I used it to buy myself an Atari CatBox with a Z80 pod and original manual!  It's *VERY* nice and I'm extremely happy with it!!!

1st March 2005

Okay I think that's all the content up that I had before. Obviously if it was unfinished then, it's going to be unfinished now... I do now have a little bit more time on my hands than usual so I'll try my best to finish and update as much as I can.
Owing to the completely new back end on this site, there's possibly some dead links somewhere. I've tried my best to clean them all up but if you notice any *PLEASE* email me and let me know, thanks.
Will update with some new arcade photos soon!!!

13th February 2005

After receiving 2500+ spam emails while I was away for just six days, I've decided to move domain :o( But... The good news (for me anyway!) is that I'm hosting this site myself, so it's costing me nothing!!! I'm in the process of migrating the old stuff over, but it'll take a while I should imagine as I'm running this off a content management system so I'll need to import all the old html into it!
...I'll get there in the end though! ;o)

12th February 2004

Well my attempt at changing my website using asp-nuke came to an end after it got hacked by some kids. Well done guys you're very clever and I'm obviously very stupid or something, this website costs ME money out of my own pocket and I don't appreciate people making my life any harder than it already is thank you. I think after that stupidity I'm going to transfer my site to a free domain, probably my ISP's own one but its not got any ASP so expect some downtime...
On a brighter note, I've acquired a few new machines. I've bought a Tempest cabaret (finally!) and another Toobin' machine (*really* missed the one I sold!) I've also got an Arkanoid machine, but its only a JAMMAi cabinet conversion so nothing that special. Also (!) I've got a Cinematronics Danger Zone cabinet, but its far too big for me to keep so I'm going to renovate it a bit and sell it on, I've already fixed the PCBi its only wiring and cosmetics next. All these new cabs! And unfortunately my digital camera is broken! Gah!

18th October 2003

Its been a shocking amount of time since I last updated or did anything at all with the site! Here's a rundown on how things are: I've sold the Point Blank because I needed the money. I've sold the JAMMAi cab and the Phoenix to Joystick Junkies as a bit of a favour really! I've moved house!!! I do have two new machines though, a nice shiny (after much work!) SEGA Naomi cabinet and a bootleg Vanguard cabaret. I'll attempt to write a little bit about them soon - especially the Vanguard as it was bought non-working and I've managed to do wonders with it! I should really have taken better pictures of what I've done, but I'll write it all up anyway! The Naomi on the other hand was bought as new and turned out to be a dog! I've since bought *major* parts for it from Suzo (UK) which have cost me a small fortune! But its all worth it now, I've quite a range of cartridges for it as you can see by my games list!

25th July 2003

I've been a bit busy and so had no time to update the site very much other than keeping the PCBi listings up to date. But, after seeing Guddlers new php-nuke powered site, I got a bit jealous and decided that I wanted something similar. Click HERE to see how it looks so far! Unfortunately its far from finished though... Another unfortunate is that I had to sell the Outrun project cabinet as I really needed the money.

30th September 2002

I've started a little on the Outrun project, but in the meantime something has turned up that I just can't turn down!!! Another new addition! This was a mini adventure though, in that the cabinet really is too big to fit through the doors in the flat! Read about it HERE.

12-14th September 2002

Well haven't really had the time to either update the site or do anything with my arcade equipment. The computer for MAME still isn't inside any cabinet, the Outrun is still sat there looking sorry for itself. But.... I have sold an awful lot of PCBi's lately (and one of the cocktails is going this weekend too) and I've bought a new machine! Check it out in the arcade gallery!
Now a special BIG THANKS to Jon Pinckney for some more freebie Outrun parts - specifically a coin box and coin door. Haven't actually started the restoration yet b

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